There is that place
you cannot reach
within your singular self
on your very own body
inside your human person.
No matter how you bend
or try to scratch it,
there is That Place
you cannot reach

Don’t bother to beg your god for a ride.
Enlightenment can’t lift you up to it.
Not even the fragrance of your desire,
not even the sonic caress of your incantation
is going to permeate.

Because that place
you cannot reach
is the Home of Joining

It’s the beginning and the end,
dark and dawn, you and me
where new worlds are born
all sweet white and glorious.

And the truth we carry
is that
that place
is only
ever penetrated
by the fellow seeker
who knows
the password
for Beloved.

– Danielle

Who knows the password for Beloved?