The problem with a lot of prediction and manifestation techniques is that we tend to forget that other humans are involved in our manifesting. And we can’t control other humans—as much as we would love to. Other humans = variables and complications and heaps of crazy free will.

For instance, that Soul Mate you have your eye on, they actually have their own life plans. (I know babe, their life would be SO much better if you were in it. I know.) And that big gig you’re gunning for, well there’s a cadre of players and circumstances involved—circumstances that are so out of your control.

We live in a material world that’s just a grain of the universe.

(And yes, they are paradoxical.)

1. Free will.
You can’t control much outside of yourself. And it doesn’t matter if three psychics said that you and So n’ So were SO going to get it ON this summer. You can’t out-will someone’s free will. (Unless you’re an evil dictator, but we’re talking about ethical dream-realization.)

2. Anything is possible.
Anything. You could get discovered in an elevator. Your twin flame could find you in a cabin in the middle of Alaska during a snowstorm. The admissions officer could play golf with your dad. Miracles happen ALL the time—crazy intersections and cosmic conspirations that bring it all together just for you and right on time. Believe.

3. The future can be seen and felt.
External psychic input can be extremely valuable for navigating—I have oracles and mediums I call on often. Just like the lady empath Troy on Star Trek, I think organizations should have a refined clairvoyant on their staff.

As for time predictions from clairvoyants, astral time is not the same as Earth time. So at best, timing forecasts are 50/50. Also… the channeller affects the message. Every medium puts their fingerprint on what they deliver to you. That can be good, bad, or neutral. It’s just something to be aware of.

We can often sense what’s coming—we just act like we can’t. Either way, keep in mind Principles #1 and #2.

4. You have multiple possible futures—each of which could be equally incredible.
10,000 Soul mates. 900 once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. 340 winning tickets. Infinite big breaks. Meditate on multiple pleasurable outcomes and you will loosen your grip on things being exactly how you “think” you want them to be.

5. “Hasn’t happened yet” means just that—not YET.
Because something hasn’t occurred in our desired timeframe, doesn’t mean that it’s never going to happen.

6. The universe has a way better imagination than you do.
My life has no resemblance to what I thought it was going to be—and I’m impressed with where failure, and courage, and the mystery have brought me. More colourful. More expanded. Way deeper. Way better than I imagined.

7. Things change—YOU change.
What you and your astrologer predict for you today could be on target. But you could do something tomorrow to alter that course or create a wrinkle in time. Changing.

8. Pre-determinism is total bullshit. FREE WILL REIGNS SUPREME.

9. Life really is what you make it. Live full out today. It’s from here that the future unfolds.

Live full out,

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