Whenever I talk to Hiro Boga, I know I’m in the presence of…true presence. Rare and lucid is she. Hiro is a master intuitive who has helped thousands of clients, including me, fire up their creative sovereignty — the ability to rule your inner world, with dignity and intention.

Hiro just released How To Rule Your World From The Inside Out: The Art Of Inner Leadership. What she’s offering here is luminosity: practical techniques to tap into your soul-power and align your inner selves, even in the midst of crisis and uncertainty.

I spoke to Hiro the other day, and the conversation was luminous, indeed.

AN EXCERPT, for you:

Danielle: Can you talk to us about … the deeper aspects of imagination?

Hiro: … As entrepreneurs, we are constantly creating. This creativity is why so many of us are drawn to being in business for ourselves because we are supremely creative beings; we recognize it and our businesses give us a way to be creative in very practical ways that also serve our clients, our customers and our world.

When we’re creating, when I’m creating, for example, when I was creating this program, I started by attuning to the soul level of the program. Everything that exists on this physical plane has a spiritual counterpoint which holds the pattern or the blueprint for its perfect unfolding.

This doesn’t mean that this pattern is fixed. It can unfold in many, many, many different forms but the purest form of that pattern is held in the energy field of subtle energy being long before it ever comes into this reality.

You start by attuning to the soul of whatever it is that you want to create.

Reclaim your creative joy & certainty.
Rule your world — because the world needs you.

With Love,