The ego generally dishes in two categories: arrogance and superiority complexes… or insecurity and inferiority complexes. And all the wild vacillations in between.

Stay mindful… both avenues aim to keep us asleep to our True Nature.

Here’s what my ego/small self tries to tell me… note how easily this ego script could be mistaken for spiritual “aspiration”:

WisdomPost-3.15.2021-Things my ego tells me_-Video Thumbnail.Danielle LaPorte.png


When you’re on the path of intentional awakening, the ego can get really insidious and tricky. When the voice that says you’re not enlightened enough starts to come through…

Diligently rush in with compassion.

The mantra, the medicine, is so simple:

I’m doing the best that I can. (Say this in the most loving, affirmative, friendly tone. Because it’s a statement of celebration.)

Are you doing the best that you can?

Highly likely.

And that’s Divine.