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Imagine waking up tomorrow, not needing to prove your value to anyone. Not your boss, your partner, your mom, or the landlord of the building you want to live in… how might your aspirations and energy management change?

A loving reminder that this is your LAST CHANCE to join us LIVE for NOTHING TO PROVE on Thursday, January 28.

We’ll go deep on:

  • Where the longing to be “worthy” comes from

  • How to spot the lies the shadow self collects

  • Recognizing when you’re identifying with the small ego self (separation), or your Higher Love Self (liberation)

  • Getting the ego’s hidden motivations out of our relationships—there’s so much ease on the other side

  • Actions that might seem “good,” but are actually just perpetuating more illusions and striving

This is the only time I’ll be offering this live experience, so if your heart feels the tug… please join us.

Practices for moving from ego critique to your Divine Value.

This dynamic ebook + audio companion includes:




PER[WORTH] Announcement Email-10.Danielle LaPorte.pngSPECTIVE
Worth: The Light We Identify With

+ Evolve your relationships from validation vehicles, to sacred containers of growth.
+ Examine your over-identifications with the body, emotions, and intellect. (Hint: as the Buddha taught, this is a source of a lot of suffering.)
+ Shift your identification to your Higher Self. THIS is where the power (and sweet relief) is.


[WORTH] Announcement Email-09.Danielle LaPorte.png


Deep Journaling to understand your WORTH

+ Heal the wounds of self-abandonment.

+ Clear the ego racket of “worthiness” and “unworthiness” from your psyche—and your non-stop striving.
+ Commit to your Divine Value through a set of simple practices you’ll lay out for yourself.

[WORTH] Announcement Email-11.Danielle LaPorte.pngTHE TOOLS
Move from ego critique to your Divine Value

+ Practice cue cards—for your altar, planner, or mirror.
+ Flower Essence recc—to break up congestion in the energy bodies.
+ Movie recc—a go-to watch to unbind the heart.
+ Book recc—a favourite read on interdimensional living.


[WORTH] Announcement Email-08.Danielle LaPorte.pngSONIC LOVE
2+ hours of heart soothing tones…

+ Love Letter + introduction to Worth.
+ Perspective: Worth—The Light We Identify With.
+ Music playlist—for crying, dancing and coming home to your WORTH.
+ Mantra—OM Chanting at 432Hz, helps balance the nervous system + brain lobes + solar plexus.


[WORTH] Announcement Email-14.Danielle LaPorte.png




[WORTH] Last Chance Email.Testimonial Graphic.Danielle LaPorte.png


You’re a spark of the Infinite.
It’s time to recognize that every time you look in the mirror.

With Love,