Dear Heart,

My circle of friends, and the women I talk with at gigs and via my podcast, are my social pulse checkers. So here’s what I know: You notice EVERYTHING. You’re going full tilt running your (and a few other people’s) life. There are so many things you want to give and get… when your bod’ is optimal, when the relationship is vibing higher, when the money’s in. You pay attention to Mercury Retrograde and your recurring thoughts.

I know that your heart burns with sacred love.

I know you. Because I’ve been you. I am you. I also know how to turn procrastination into a power move. And I know how to keep waking up without beating ourselves up. (Steady devotion. Deep compassion. Joy leaning.)

Stay with me.

Heart Centered Danielle LaPorte3.png


The doors to HEART CENTERED are open now. LaPorte est ouverte.

Sacred practices—every tool, ritual, and belief, that I use in my own life to be more radiant and sane. I’m giving it all to you. Steadily. Every week. In any form of media that you want it.

HEART CENTERED is not a course. This is a nourishment system. This is elegant and sequenced. I’m not interested in adding to your workload. There is nothing performative or gamified about this. Every week is designed simply, for depth.

Sign up closes Tuesday, January 28.

It’s a good idea to sign up for HEART CENTERED now, becaaause:

  1. We’re only opening this up two times a year.

  2. Devotion calls.

This will not completely change your life in two weeks. But over time, HEART CENTERED will get you pointed toward your Soul and you will be less distracted by anything that is not the Beautiful Truth. And when that happens, you’re going to understand how truly radiant you are. And you’re going to grow that light, day by day. Until… well, it’s endless actually. We never “arrive.” But hang with me, and you might come to see what a gift it is to start everyday more devoted to Loving yourself and others.

Questions? All the HEART CENTERED details are here. (And you can always ping us at

Ready? Yes, you are.

My heart,