We live in trying times. Our attention spans, bodies, and spirits are getting stretched out of proportion. It’s not sustainable. As a collective, many have strayed from the wisdom of the heart-brain.

We can’t force others to change. And we can’t always change our circumstances… but we can stand in the power of our own choices—how we act, how we think, and how we feel.

So when we feel like we’re grinding our gears; or we get triggered by the people we love (and the ones we have a hard time loving); or when we’re paralyzed by external input (expectations, unsolicited feedback, the news)… HOW do we relocate our power, take responsibility, and move forward with clear intention?

We start by moving into our heart-center—where the true intelligence and clarity is.

The HEART-CENTERING Practice guides you through tuning in, opening, and strengthening your heart connection to help you manifest—deeper relationships, authentic expression, the courage to answer the call… tangible change.

It’s a very simple practice that awakens your breath, compassion, presence, and gratitude to help you return to yourself when you’re feeling unmoored. Breath is the way home. And heart-focused breathing fills that home with clarifying Love.

I crafted this practice for my own hungry heart, and for yours. I tried it on my own for a long time, letting it bake into my bones, do its work… and it’s become my morning contemplation practice, it’s helped me get through hurt and anxiety. And sometimes it’s just a dose of sweetness in between errands and strategic planning.

When this was ready for others to use, I sent it to my inner circle and said, “I think this could really help people heal… like, real change.” I try not to use that kind of language carelessly. But I feel this. It’s a tool for calm and clarity, which helps the love flow.

Heart-centered living is the (r)evolution that we need. You can choose grace when circumstances are gritty. Returning to your heart—your Core Desired Feelings—is the central focus. And right focus creates peace. Peace today… more peace tomorrow.

I’ll be teaching HEART-CENTERING a few times this week, and all the classes are free. Choose a class time that works for you here.

Bring this practice into your own life. Infuse it. Let it work…

Believing in Love,