Before I was a working author, I did one-on-one strategy sessions with (mostly female) entrepreneurs. “Fire Starter Sessions.” It was $1000 for a 90 minute session and I think, on the whole, people got what they came for and a bit more: idea clarity, a sequenced path, and pragmatic encouragement. I was very clear, “I’m not a coach, I’m a strategist.” I gave people what *I* wanted in terms of business council—straight up advice. Seasoned, sincere wisdom.

Obviously that’s not my full time gig any more, but once in a while, I’ll spend a few hours with a friend or the leader of a cause I believe in and I’ll give them everything I’ve got in terms of business council. It goes like this: I ask two or three questions about their vision. I listen very carefully, without interjecting. Then at the right time, I say, “Ready? May I tell you what I think?” They nod, usually eagerly. And then I sit up and wave my hands in the air and say, “Okay! This is what I’d do if I were you.” And then I unleash my love-backed, strategic, know-this-business geeeenius. And they walk away feeling taller—with an important to-do list.

Team D is one of the best in the online personal development space. They get tapped all the time for solutions and connections. And generosity is key to our company culture.


Virtual Business Retreats with Team D + me. Want to be a prolific—relevant—creator? Honest marketing that attracts the right people for you. How to build a cohesive team? Launching podcasts, memberships, and courses? We’ll lay it all out. You can see what we’ve got planned (THREE retreats) right HERE.

PART 3.5
This is part of my offering for B-School students. Register for B-School through me, and we’ll do the three retreats together AND! You will also receive a license to use The Desire Map curriculum for teaching workshops, mentoring, or to apply to your coaching practice—there are 500+ Desire Map Facilitators in 23+ countries.

… this is where you start thinking about all the golden strategy nuggets and how-to’s we’re going to rain down on you and your questions, how B-School is going to help you uplevel your marketing skills in a profound way. And maybe how Desire Map workshops could become part of your tool kit of social change.