Karma. Dharma. Downward-facing dog.
Manifestation. Recapitulations. Sweating for your God.
It’s never too late for 108… mantraahhhs.
Ommm—we’re all just tryin’ to get home.

Looking so hard to find our passion,
but the best self-help is… self-compassion.

It’s not HOW we practice—it’s WHY.

Every prostration, scripture, tincture, and test
is not about being the best
or who you please.
We practice for times like these.

you do not need to be forgiving—until you need to forgive.
You don’t need nerves of steel…
until your every last nerve has been taxed, and
you do not need Faith… until your optimism has been maxed.

Even when we are very aware of our privileged sanctuary,
we have to question if there is more to reality.

We could coast through with good manners and kindness,
but we have to stand up with disruptive definitions 

of love and progress.

And this is why we practice

whether you are a whole-hearted lightworker or
you are in denial of the grace that carries you through,
the day will most certainly come when you will be
struck with what life needs to show you.

It can come in tiny, tearing heartbreaks as you walk through your city,
or it can come in the form of a political regime that makes you want to scream,

Have some decency?

Let’s just call it. The time is… NOW.

And this is why we practice.

We are being called on to expand…
to make it right with our inextinguishable light.
You will be interrupted on your way to success,
as you fly away from fear
you will be asked—I’m asking you now—
who you are and why you are here.

And this… this is why we practice.