“The project of being a Self is the surest way to never feel like a person.”
— Thomas Moore, The Original Self

Your truth isn’t out there. It’s not an answer waiting to be found or a destination to get to. It lives inside your being and it’s the external explorations that tease, and ply and shake it out of you. Your essence is waiting patiently to be evoked, not manufactured. Truth resonates, it doesn’t imitate.

Before you were told that you were the runner up, and before you concluded that you needed improving upon, the original, gloriously sensational “you” was there. A perfectly knowing, empowered, deity-caliber soul capable of intense joy and genius.

What if your foundation is just that amazing? Imagine a well of Right Answers running beneath your surface. Assume for a minute that your soul bedrock is your own kind of perfection.

You’re not broken, not a problem to be fixed. You’re a soul emerging. And you’re doing just fine.

Merely toying with that concept is the stuff of breakthroughs.


With Love,