Contrary to popular belief, time is not the healer. 

We all know people who have gone decades holding a grudge. Time was not in favour of letting go.

And… we’ve all (hopefully) been blessed by someone who made a quick move to forgive and moved ON. Just like that.

Love—healing—is a choice. And we can choose it any time.

So let’s say you get into a little tussle with a loved one. There’s a fracture, a few days (or months) pass, and you’re feeling warmer, more forgiving. All is well again. The Love is restored. You could say that time is the healer. But it ain’t the time. It’s the Loving.

It’s simple: we use our consciousness, our free will to remember why we Love someone. We do the re-membering. We work from the heart and not the intellect. We use Loving to harmonize the situation. Time has no say in the matter.

We make a choice to Love. That’s the healer.

Deeper Love Now,