Will you devote yourself to your joy and allow that to be your offering to the world?

I think you’re strongly considering it. Because you’re here. Because devotion is the bridge to your Soul.

When you give yourself credit for making it this far in life—and still being a Gentle Soul, then you’ll know the Truth of Love. When, in a courageously still moment you hear yourself say, “I have everything I need right now,” then you’ll know the Truth of Faith.

And you’ll bring that shine to work with you. And to your causes, and your loving, and your collaborations with the Universe.

You will not be fearless, but you will be certain of what matters most. You will place your preferences on the altar of your life and say: THIS is meaningful to me. And with the heavenly madness of Faith, you will live your Truth with the commitment it deserves.

May your beauty dawn on you. May your pure Faith light the way. May all be so blessed. And… slow down if you need to, but don’t ever stop.

Reflection Questions

  • What did you used to believe that is no longer true for you?
  • Name three doubts. What truth would Faith speak to those doubts?
    (note: the function of doubt is to bolster your faith.)
  • What action is aligned with your Faith?

Encourage Your Faith — curated for you

Optimism that’s also pragmatic, and how we use doubt to fuel our Faith––and back it with action.



Occasional sermons on resilience, love and discernment.

I talk about using suffering to get to joy, and waking up to our Divinity––and then how we pour that light on the world.

Esoterica meets the daily doings. Compassionate and very straight up. These conversations are intended to help us feel less alone, full of possibility, and very clearly part of the solution.

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