So much of spiritual practice is about letting go. Cleansing, releasing, burning illusions so that the Light of the Soul can pour into us. We can’t increase our radiance if we’re still holding on to dense pain.

The ultimate letting go is forgiveness. It’s the esoteric crux of our material interactions. And so all healing is on a spectrum of releasing grievances and hurt—against ourselves, and others. Liberation is guaranteed. So we release pain in any way possible: rituals, salt bathing, analysis that brings insight. And sometimes, it’s simply the firm decision to just… let it go. And if it comes back, we release it again—with self-compassion, until we begin to glide.

It’s less important to look for truth than it is to spot the lies—the Truth is always there. Everything else is what we pile on top of The Eternal. All we need to hold on to is our practice of letting go.

Reflection Questions

An in-the-moment exercise (come back regularly for this one):

  • Eyes closed. Where is there tension in your body? Bring your breath to that place.
  • As some of that pain dissolves with your attentive breath, is there a message, word, symbol that comes to mind?
  • Breath into that message, word, or symbol and also let it go.
  • Bonus round: What are you holding that is heavy?
  • What will flourish when you set it free?
  • What steps can you take toward offering it up to be blessed and released?

Really Let Go — curated for you

This is the core of spiritual practice, really. Removing the obstructions to truth and love.



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I talk about using suffering to get to joy, and waking up to our Divinity––and then how we pour that light on the world.

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