There are EGO relationships and there are SOUL relationships. Ego-based relationships are transactional (and we know it). Soul relationships are based on virtues: Love, compassion, inclusiveness, joy, generosity. They’re resilient—and by that I mean, they go beyond big life transitions, and beyond lifetimes. Doesn’t mean they’re not bumpy, though.

Ego or soul—all relationships are vessels of transformation. Sometimes the bonds are full of tension, and other times, the connection feels like salvation, bliss. But every relationship, no matter how it plays out, leads to deeper spiritual refinement, individually and collectively. How soon and how deeply we heal is in our own hands.

Reflection Questions

Bring to mind a relationship dynamic or situation that you want to heal (could be one-on-one, with a group; a current relationship or long past).

  • What’s the “me vs. them” storyline that you’re holding? Can you clearly see the polarity?
  • How have you grown—on a soul level—because of the relationship?
  • What would be created if you forgave the relationship and set the pain of it free?

Relationships Heal — curated for you

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I talk about using suffering to get to joy, and waking up to our Divinity––and then how we pour that light on the world.

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