If you were to look at yourself with a loving gaze, what would shift?

What old, limiting stories would start to dissolve? What tightness would loosen? What would be forgiven, relaxed, diminished, celebrated, more cherished?

That loving gaze is Reverence.

a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe; veneration.
Honour, revere, respect, homage.

When we show reverence to our shadow self, we come closer to our Higher Self.

Can you possibly imagine being in awe of your doubt? Instead of talking down to your worries, you would uphold them with respect.

Wow… dear doubt, l get that you’re trying to tell me something. You make me pause and remember my Faith. I see your service. Thank you for helping me to get centered.

And as the doubt (or fear, or anxiety) is so respectfully acknowledged, it begins to settle down. All feelings calm down when they are welcomed into your heart.

Picture what it would be like to show some respect to your shame… That’s a big one. That shamey energy that likes to hide in the dark corner hoping it never gets talked about. What if you gave it back its dignity?

Hello shame, I see you, I get why you feel the way you do—totally understandable. I’m going to go on living, creating things I’m proud of. But you’re welcome to stay while I get some work done.

And then, like Boo Radley coming out from the porch shadows, maybe your shame takes a step into the light of acceptance that you’ve so kindly turned on.

So let me ask you again:

If you were to look at yourself with a loving gaze, what would shift?

With Love,

This is heart centering work. It’s the work I’ve been up to for the last few years. It’s a powerful turning point. And I share monthly updates on everything I’ve learned… right here.