Hello Love…

Fall deeper into your Higher Self. It’s like a hologram. A donut of light!

I’ve got two great conversations for you and two new spiritual practices.


All for Love,

With Love, Danielle Episode #54: What resilience is NOT. A reframe on toughing it out.
Enough with the tough. Resilience is a form of Love. And it has zero to do with sucking it up and getting more steely or aggressive. You can’t ADAPT TO THE PRESENT unless you are connected to your own capacity to Love. You ready for a reframe? I hope so. This episode is to the point and, hopefully, liberating.

With Love, Danielle Episode #56: What it really means when we say, “I Love You.”
We incarnate to LOVE. And I have a perspective that might change how you say, “I Love you,” for the rest of your life. This episode may be all I’ve ever needed to say, ever. But first, a question: Can you imagine NOT attempting in any way to change yourself? OK.

Featured Practice: How to Create a Heart Centered Altar 
An altar can keep us alert and humble. Remember to Love and remember to include the world in your Love. With our sacred intention, the respect we pour into an altar is a beacon for energetic support. It’s like having a sign on your roof that says, “I live for Love, send provisions.” Light grows more light.

Featured Practice: The Write + Burn Practice
Let go. Clear your thinking. Release resentments. Transmute heaviness into lightness. Offer up the dense stuff in your Energy Body so that the Light of your Soul can find its way into you. In this practice, we journal using reflective questions, and then we burn our writing as a symbol of Release.

HOW TO BE LOVING as your heart is breaking open and our world is waking up

Preorders are really important to the success of a book. So I hope you’ll order your copy(s) now. As soon as you do, I’ll send you some sneak peaks, LOVING REMINDERS every Sunday for an entire year! And you’ll get a FREE seat to my virtual class OPEN YOUR HEART, UNCONDITION YOUR MIND on Tuesday, October 11.

LIVE in Vancouver: UNSELF YOUR SELF: becoming who you truly are, in a confusing world
October 12, 2022 at 7pm PT

This will be an intimate evening at the SFU Center for the Arts, celebrating the launch of my new book: How To Be Loving… as your heart is breaking open and the world is waking up. Tickets are $47 CAD and include a book. See you Wednesday, October 12!

VIRTUAL: Church with Danielle + Friends. A Sunday LOVE stream
October 16 at 9am PT

Let your heart melt for a few hours, while your mind recalibrates to Higher Love. We need to be together, more than ever—come to church. I will teach on “unselfing” for more compassion, less division, and deeper connection. We’ll be gifted by a chant and a new song from LeAnn Rimes. The four-women choir, Beautiful Chorus, will offer a hymn for healing. And Rev. Michael Bernhard Beckwith will set us up with a powerful blessing.

Please purchase two copies of How To Be Loving as your admission to Church, AND! we’ll plant a tree for you with Tree Sister’s International. 

The Art of Receiving and Giving

These times can feel hyper transactional. There’s a lot of metrics and score keeping. The striving and glamor of materialism and social gain block the energy flow of Love that just… loves for the sake of Love. This month we are focusing on The Art of Receiving and Giving and what it means to be both. 

Do you have an idea you’d love to bring to life? 

Maybe you see yourself leading women’s circles in your rural farmyard with your local ladies. Or, hosting a lunch ‘n’ learn at your office about mindfulness. Or, you’re a teacher who wants to help their highschool students pick a college major and you need tools to help them deeply reflect. Our Heart Centered Leadership Program equips you with 30+ plug ‘n play exercises for reflective living and resilience that you can use yourself and share with others.