We need you to tell us your good news.
Tell us how deeply in love you are.
Tell us how your life is rocking.
How free you are these days.
Tell us how wonderful your family is.
How many opportunities are coming your way.
How great it feels to make your work in the world.
How lazy, luxurious, or revitalizing your holiday was.
Tell us how fulfilled you feel in your job.
How sexy you felt on the dance floor, on your bike, in the interview.
Tell us how well you’re being loved.
How delicious your dinner was.
How healthy and sturdy you are these days.
Go ahead, tell us how lucky you are.

Do you feel so utterly blessed at times that it blows your mind?
Ya? Tell us about it. Please.

Even if you have to stretch to find the one golden thing in your existence right now, accentuate that.
And give it to us.

We need you to light up our realities. Don’t shrink from sharing the story of your good fortune. Give us examples of well-loved living. Give us evidence of the rewards of courage, that it pays to hold out, or to go wild, or to burn prayer candles.

Declare your fulfillment without restraint.
Create conversations of fulfillment so we can step away from the shadows of media madness and habitual, repressive, dampening complaining of the day.

Forget about arrogance and your britches.

Never mind potentially envious reactions — envy can be a positive agitator.

Yes, be gentle in the face of another’s lack, but still, let them know that certain happiness is possible — you’re living proof.

Tell us what’s good in your life so that we can believe in it for ourselves, so that we can reach out and join in.

Speak of your joy. Whatever it is. Often.
P.S. I made you a mixed tape! Just like I used to do in high school. But without The Flock of Seagulls. Listen HERE.