Hi Love,

What if every obstacle in your path was a gift of Loving Kindness from your Higher Self? An opportunity to transform a wound into Divine Power. Fractured awareness into wisdom. Contraction into openness…

Suddenly setbacks become love notes, inviting us into deeper exploration of our True Nature.

Loving Kindness.

This is the alchemy we’re working in the Heart Centered Membership this month. It’s the healing work of our lives, and we start Thursday.

“I don’t have an epiphany to report here, instead, an all-encompassing, inclusive, more compassionate, more loving way of relating to people at work, to people in my life, my relationships…

[Heart Centered] is a vessel for an out-of-this-world experience. Full of gratitude.” – Laura, beloved Heart Centered Member



  • Loving Kindness as a pathway to fulfillment and freedom.

  • The few truths that have stopped me in my tracks. That felt epiphanic. Like an answer. Like relief.

  • The source of our obstacles. And why, if we’re living from our Heart, they still appear.

  • The greatest form of Service you can give to your Soul.

  • Ways we often create more separation and shadow in our lives (that we often mistake for “healing”).

  • Why affirmations may be tripping you up.

  • The ways in which we fragment ourselves, and how to come back to wholeness.


  • The Golden Blue Chalice Visualization. Burn away illusion, and align with the Universal Mind. This is an exclusive guided meditation practice for Heart Centered Members.

  • Savasana and Redwood Visualization. A practice for adaptability, fortitude, and resilience—especially when the nervous system perceives experiences as chaotic and turmoil-filled.

  • Deep Journaling. A gentle practice to wire the subconscious for Loving Kindness.

  • Full Moon + Dark of the Moon Write ‘n Burn. Cleanse away the debris + make space to welcome the new.

  • Mantra. Blends and fuses the polarities within us, so we can radiate Loving Kindness everywhere.

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We’ll meet 4x this month (and every month you’re a member) to meditate and unpack the densities and curiosities of life. And slowly we soften into a greater field of unified Love. It’s what we’re here for.

There are pricing options for various budgets…and a generous, supportive community of Heart Centered humans around the world, practicing alongside you.

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No matter what’s swirling around—distraction, success, grasping, expanding, worrying—the practices we do in Heart Centered build our inner capacities to welcome and befriend it all. This is Loving Kindness training.

This is how we create a New Earth.


With Love,