Dear Heart,

I feel like everything in my life was training for the times we are in. All of the practices, the dark nights, the devotion. And, not-so-ironically, this is the time when everything I’ve been creating—practices for staying centered and tapping into Spirit—are coming in verrry handy. We all have medicine to offer.

The practices in Heart Centered have helped me create ways throughout my day to connect back to my heart—to my sense of being held. And right now, with all the anxiety and fear happening, having that sense of being held by something larger than me… has really been a gift.” – Ellen R.

Economic impacts of the world situation are rippling out. We’re making this membership content accessible to as many people as possible.

Ready to receive? When you join, here’s what to expect…

  • After you sign up, we’ll send your first digital guidebook to your inbox. Part magazine, part manual, the guidebook contains your curriculum for the month. Our May focus is INTEGRITY: aligning our inner vision and virtues with our outer living. This is key to rising to dilemmas and letting go of fear. Crack open the guidebook, ease into the vibes.

  • Friday, May 1: We officially begin our devotions. I email you access to the LaPortal, where you’ll find the Week 1 practices: an essay on Integrity, reflective writing prompts, and a special meditation to practice. And you can also explore the library for past month’s devotions. It’s all at your fingertips.

  • From there, I email you every Sunday: Here’s what’s on the table this week. Sometimes I’ll text you loving reminders. Every other week, we’ll hop on Zoom for a live members-only Q+A. Your practices will build on each other. You’re going to get grounded in a soulful rhythm. That’s what it feels like to be held by Life.

If you have questions about what you get, how we can help you make it work for your budget, the platform, bonuses, anything… start here. And if you still have Q’s, please hit us up here.

If it feels like you need this right now, it’s all here for you.

All my Love,