What do you think of when you consider “being resilient”?

Hold that thought.

Resilience has everything to do with heart intelligence. You can’t ADAPT TO THE PRESENT unless you are connected to your own capacity to Love. You can’t create a better future if you can’t accept the present. I know it may seem counterintuitive but nothing changes until we get up close and accept it for what it is, for what it’s trying to teach us.

Enough with the tough. It’s killing us. YES resilience. And resilience has zero to do with sucking it up and getting more steely or aggressive.

You ready for a reframe? I hope so. Because if I can further this concept, I’ll die happy. 

This episode of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE is to the point and, hopefully, liberating.

Enough with the tough. Resilience is a form of Love.