Threshold, crossed. You got there. After the grinding, the repetitive strain, the cord-cutting, the release, the bliss of relief—the training paid off. Muscle burn got you across the finish line. Soul fire resurrected you. BREAKTHROUGH.

Rebirth happens. The ascension was real. There’s no turning back now. You are true and you ARE new.

Now what? (Because you’re in a new state. And that can be equally awesome and freaky. And maybe you’re about to slip back. And yet! You’re right on course.)

WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU HAVE A BREAKTHROUGH (in this order, give or take).

Be so very gentle with yourself.
Tenderness is essential. Birth requires recovery time. Athletes rest, they heal their blisters and let the lactic acid run its course. Soul seekers, you need to be quieter than usual. Let the change bake into your cells. Don’t shout about your revelations yet. Give yourself time to calibrate. Lay in the park. Put some rose oil behind your ears. Drink tea. Eat potatoes. Head to the ocean. You know, the comfort stuff.

Notice that you’re noticing more now.
A paradigm shift is a new way of seeing, so the grass actually looks greener, and you can hear what people are really saying, and yes, you ARE looking more shimmering today. You’re sharper now and you will notice more. Keep looking.

Be prepared for some constriction.
This is important:

“Expect to fall back—and be incredibly compassionate when the inevitable slip happens. This is the pattern of really big change: Big expansion. Slight constriction. Return to expansion. Micro constriction. Back to expansion—full, fuller, fullest. Expanded.”

You’re learning how to do the new you. You’re acclimatizing to greater truth and presence. You’ll forget for a minute that you’re more adept. And you’ll dip into an old habit. You might get unnerved by the shit you “thought” you just surmounted. That’s okay. You’re on track. You’re re-confirming your expansion. You may be testing yourself. You may even be trying to sabotage yourself. It’s okay, Love. Because you can step back into your new, bigger size WAY more easily than before. Powering up is getting easier. Can you feel it?

Joy and expansion can be unsettling.
That’s all you need to know. It’s not that your breakthrough was false, it’s simply that this is new. Remember how wobbly you were when you learned to ride a bike? Or the first time you swam in the open ocean? This is new, this is new… this is… awe-awe-AWESOME! Stuttering with your new power doesn’t make it any less real. (Also, your new-found power is not afraid of your learning curve. It’s here to stay.)

Document the transformation. Write out your old-to-new ways of being.

I was hiding and silent. I call my power back to me.
I saw the truth. I spoke the truth. Now I am visible.
I feel power in my voice and visibility.
I will speak only truth from now on.
I’m truly free.
Joy is in the freedom.
I will keep bringing my joy to the surface.

Write about the revelation. Write about your new way of doing things.

Now, declare that you’ve changed.
Write a memo. Change a policy. Tell your most trusted friends about your transcendental experience. Talk about how you died and came back—stronger. Articulate what you let go of. Describe the New, True you.

Keep pulsing open, into your power, WITH your power.
Focus on opening, opening, opening. Come on…

Don’t let the flash of insight stay just a flash. Tend it like a fire.
Stay with it. Feed your power appreciation and respect. Root DOWN.

Let the newness inform your decisions.
Remember that your cells are constantly renewing (physiologically speaking, you are not the same human you were seven years ago—all of your cells have turned over). NEW.

It’s impossible to turn back after you’ve seen your own light.

All my Love,