We crave it. We die for it. We try to pay for it. We aspire, we mire, we miss the mark. In the unending, coiling, incessant pursuit of being right and good enough to find love and get love and give love, we forget about the very nature of love itself.

Love gets buried beneath political correctness and spirituality; behind “I” statements and neutrality; tradition, company policy, apparently healthy boundaries and self protection; and commonsense. The understandable, habitual structures of thought that keep our egos from being derailed can effectively keep love on the other side of the tracks.

Maybe before we cross-check ourselves against the rules and what’s familiar and acceptable, we should root ourselves down into a more elegant measurement of behavior:

“What would Love do?

It’s a question that burns away the mist and the noise. It stops clocks. “What would Love do?” Even cynics have to pause. You can say that love doesn’t have a place in court or international relations or economics. But Love isn’t stupid.

And Love isn’t blind. She isn’t a push over. When you make Love the first priority you’re taking your place in true power.

When you Love yourself first, you can balance the scales. Love knows what harmony feels like, and doesn’t care so much what it looks like on the outside, or to others.

She is centered and inclusive. Love is frequently dignified—unless she’s required to flip her lid. He is gentle and strong. He bends—unless what’s best is to digs his heels in. She rewards. He comforts. He strikes. She waits. He speaks. She is silent.

So try it out. It may feel awkward. Before a big meeting, when you’re shopping, before you dump the chump, when it seems clear that the only game to play is hardball, ask, “What would love do?

Love may still choose to play hardball—“ruthless” and “loving” are not mutually exclusive terms—and we should know that if we are going to make any progress at all. Love may make demands. Love may crumble in apology, love may weep with humility and grace. She may run into burning buildings. He may genuflect.

Love knows what’s best for every situation.
Love transcends policy and history.
Love innovates.
Love is everything we’ve been asking for.