It’s always a good time to let go of whatever is holding you back. Here are some gentle sweeping micor monumental suggestions.

I give up: Judgements that keep me separate from other humans. Doubt in the unfolding—all the doubts that I’ve ever had about The Infinite embracing me. Every single one of them. I give them up twice. And any and all resistance to Love. Dissolved.

I give up attack, arrogance and stifling fear. (My ego is quivering.) I give up being too serious. I give up my lineage. Yes, even that. May we all be free.

I give up second-guessing that I deserve respect.

I give up the creeped out recoiling in my muscles from times when they tried to cop a feel, got too close, tried to sip some Shakti when they should have cleaned up their act and relied on their own resources.

Fear of being disliked? Significantly reduced. Perceived lack of deserving? Bye. Seven hundred times, goodbye. Worthy.

I give up losing my sense of humour when I could use it to turn everything around in a sweet second. Because, come on, it’s usually pretty funny.

I give up that gross-whelmed feeling that comes after you read most women’s magazine –– of being too fat, too short, too normal, too frizzy, too hungry, and generally not well-lit everywhere I go.

I give up staying up too late because I think I owe something more to the day that I just gave my everything to. I give up being down on myself because I still harbour some resentment. I’ think I’ll just give up the resentment.

I give up allergies, checking just one more email, going too long without eating, and over-working.

I give up working within the exploitive ideologies of capitalism that are fed to us from all directions. I will do it for the love, and I will do it lovingly.

I give up the only impulse that ever gets me in trouble: the drive to strive, to earn my place, like, ON THE PLANET. Because I am really here. Chosen. And I’m not giving up.