My superhero name is Agent Now. I particularly like the alliteration en Francais: L’Agent Maintenant.

My special power is seeing into the now so deep that I can see the past and the future. I laugh a lot because there is always a reason to laugh. I cry a lot because there is always a reason to cry. I have everything I need at all times — essential things in my purse like tissue and magic markers and things that you need to hear only when you’re ready to hear them.

Bit impulsive. Look you in the eye. Protestor of patience when “patience” is really veiled procrastination. Heart on sleeve. If I’m in, I’m IN.

Of course, I don’t wear a watch, but I always know what time it is. Secretly, I love that “now” is one with “know”.

It’s a bird! It’s a dame! What’s your soul handle, your stage name, the moniker of distilled truth that reminds you that you’re big as your best self?

What’s your superhero name?


With Love,