Ya. You’ll do it when you’re ready.

There’s a lot of pressure to be ready now, yesterday, ASAP. Grow achieve push plow crank rank. But you’re ready when you’re ready. Think of all the times you pushed your friends to dump the fool they were with…for years…

How many conversations have you had about quitting, moving, entering, leaping. Sometimes you’re that friend who gets listened to over and over. And one day…you’re ready. It usually happens when A) You’re in a sufficient amount of pain, or B) You have a religious moment of inspiration and you just can’t help but expand. And expand you will.

If you’re not able to take a leap right now it might help to tell yourself, *I’m getting ready.* Which is way sexier than, *I’m not ready yet.*

You’ll be ready when you’re ready.

Pictured here with this #truthbomb is Ganesha. The Hindu God who removes obstacles. He LOVES to get you ready for things.