This question comes from Michael B:

What do you do when you are in a transitional season in life and feel like you have nothing to offer?

Let me ask you this back, Michael: What if “having nothing to offer” isn’t a problem at all?

Our culture confuses productivity-output-achievement with self-worth.

I grew up on a farm. There are seasons where the land is left to go fallow. The soil is left unseeded so that it can regenerate. An uninformed person might ask, “Why aren’t you utilizing that field, making a profit?” Because it’s not always the season to make profits.

Rest. Regenerate. Do what it takes to be well. Allowing this space is an act of love to yourself… and therefore to Life. And when the season comes to kick it into gear—what you have to offer will be that much more effective, useful, and right on time. Trust your rhythms.

With Love,