Welcome to the Club!

This is more than just a book club—this is about your Soul’s point of view. YOUR white hot truth.

The Global Book Club Community

This is more than a “book” club. This is a community of light-working people who want to be in service to the world. From the daily, normal stuff to the esoterically spectacular; the local to the global. This is for people longing to have a conversation about a spirituality that works for them.

Book Club Guide

This gorgeous, printable book club guide breaks down the content into a customizable schedule, includes conversation questions, journal prompts, and tips on how to enrich your experience — whether you follow along with the online community, do this solo, or with a group of friends in your living room. Print it out and pass it around.

Chapter 1 – The Church of Self Improvement

When worship feels like work.

Chapter 2 – The Really Big Lies

The falsities we (inevitably, and necessarily) fall for on our way to Truth.

Chapter 3 – Truthfully Seeking

How wisdom happens (hint: paradoxically).

Chapter 4 – Healing Instincts

Mixing our own medicine (it’s all an experiment).

Chapter 5 – Full of Yourself

The curiosities of self-hatred, and the only guarantee of self-Love.

Chapter 6 – You’re Special—But Not That Special

In search of worth.

Chapter 7 – Super. Human.

Choosing to really be here.

Chapter 8 – Open, Gentle Heart. Big Fucking Fence.

Boundaries for spiritual people.

Chapter 9 – Ready to Forgive

The complicated, gritty path to grace.

Chapter 10 – The Soul of Service

Conscious optimism and giving from your fullness.

Chapter 11 – You are the Guru

The hottest truth of all.

Chapter 12 – Faux Freedoms

When sacred sex goes sideways.

Chapter 13 – Power Tools

More awareness, deeper respect, less dependency.

Chapter 14 – The Path Within Your Path

The roundabout journey to life-affirming discipline.

Chapter 15 – Discernment is Everything

When the negative serves the positive.

Chapter 16 – Regarding Suffering

Soul, pain, perspective.

Chapter 17 – Desire, Refined

A broader view for creating reality.

Chapter 18 – Devotion

I think you’re up for it.