Questions for clarity + connection.

Video and written guidance, open to everyone.

More Than a Book Club

This is more than just a book club — this is about your Soul’s point of view. YOUR white hot truth.

The White Hot Truth Book Club is a free collection of 18 videos + a written guide + a global community. AND… you do not need to buy the book to join in. I just want to get more people thinking and talking about their search for meaningful living.

YOUR White Hot Truth. Shared. Discussed. Inspiring, sobering, hilarious, and comforting — alone and together. Have real conversations about your guiding beliefs and the things you once believed (the silly, restrictive things.) Your wake up calls. Your big questions — and where they collide with someone else’s answers. Stories of strength. Our solutions for a world in pain and full of beautiful potential. In your journal — or in your living room with friends, at your team retreat, or follow along online with me and the book club community.

Free for everyone awesome. See what’s included:



White Hot Truth Video Chapter Guide

18 video segments where I lightly unpack a few truthbombs from each chapter of the White Hot Truth book. Each video gives you two to four questions to explore. Follow along with the me in the online community, or watch on your own, or with a group.

The Global Book Club Community

This is more than a “book” club. This is a community of light-working people who want to be in service to the world. From the daily, normal stuff to the esoterically spectacular; the local to the global. This is for people longing to have a conversation about a spirituality that works for them.

Book Club Guide

This gorgeous, printable book club guide breaks down the content into a customizable schedule, includes conversation questions, journal prompts, and tips on how to enrich your experience — whether you follow along with the online community, do this solo, or with a group of friends in your living room. Print it out and pass it around.

I’m not one for making big motivational claims, but . . .I
know you need this.

Because my girlfriends and good man-friends really need it. Because every time I have one
of those juicy, meaningful conversations with someone about what’s really going on in my
interior world, and how I really feel about the state of things…I feel really alive. And less
alone. And I can laugh at myself. And we all leave with stories to encourage us to keep on
going. And we end up lightening up on our way to enlightenment.

Questions are how clarity happens. And conversations fuel change. We need to question the
quest. And talk about it. And never stop.

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