Hello Loves,

There’s been a lot of newness in my business and life lately, so I want to anchor in with those of you who’ve been with me for a while (some of you, a decade!) and to add some BTS to all of you coming into this little corner of the universe.

First up: THANK YOU. I don’t take one click or sign up or listen for granted. Honestly I’m always amazed when people show up to things. Gigs, classes, I just feel really honored and useful. And having 4 planets in Virgo, UTILITY is a very big deal for me.

Next: I thought that I’d do an episode about something short n’ sweet and tending to the deep. Me. 🤣 Where I come from, where I’m at, and how I got here. The intention? Common ground. Unity. Comfort. Less … aloneness.

So let’s have tea together. In this episode of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE, I’m sharing: 

  • How it started a decade ago after I got fired from my own business 
  • Who am I really? Who am I to talk about consciousness? What informs my perspectives? A walk along my personal, intellectual, and spiritual path
  • How I’ve evolved from a walking F-bomb/Truthbomb to a more gentle, integrated, and still struggling but gliding woman
  • The all-encompassing vows I’ve made in this life 
  • The things I’m up to right now—it took a decade for me to get this kind of clarity and focus on my vocation, my offerings to the world. And it just keeps getting better. 
  • Oh, and for funsies—why I burned my Catholic school girl kilt. 

I hope that you can hear yourself in some of my struggles and expansions—and that there’s some relief in that.

With Love,



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