In a fun twist of synchronicity, my friends Michael, Kate and I ran into each other in the lobby of Eatily in New York City. Hugs! “Oh My God!” More hugs. We were all there for lunches with friends. Kate said, “I’m meeting So & So, I haven’t seen her in ages, but she’s the kind of friend I could call at 2 a.m.” Michael and I nodded. Not many of those, eh? Two a.m. friends are the best.

We decided that being able to call someone at 2 a.m. was our new metric of love.

So, who can you call? For most of us, the list of “who” will be a very short one.

: Who’s the first person you’d call if you landed the job, won the award, found out you were preggers, got the news that you qualified?
: Who would you bring if you got five front row seats to see your favourite rock star?
: Who’s your “In Case of Emergency” contact?
: Who could write your obituary?
: Who knows how you take your coffee or could order for you at a restaurant?
: Who’ll drive you there—and back?
: Who’s seen you do the Ugly Cry?
: Where can you show up without calling?

Who can you call at 2 a.m.?

Treasured, indispensable, no matter what, sacred circle.

Forward them this post to say, “You’re this for me.”

Celebrate—before 2 a.m.