Hello Loves, 

Let me dial you back in time a bit… my birthday is May 25. I woke up this year and thought, “I don’t want to live and work this way anymore.” Who’s got cake?!

I’d fallen into a pretty classic trap of working FOR my business instead of the business working for my LIFE. I needed to get out of the tasky tasks (read: draining) and back to my deep creativity. Because…

If I’m not living from my full, lit up heart center, I’m not serving at full capacity.

So. I made a leap. Quantum.

I got super clear on:

  • My zone of genius—doing what only *I* can do.
  • Where we’re going to have the most impact in the world, not “maybe” but CLEARLY.
  • Investing in my purpose-driven company.

And then I went allllll in. And there was some shaking it up. Happy Birthday. 

Fast forward to the present…

My 10 year business is now a start up. High enthusiasm. Agility as a superpower. A gorgeous chaos. 

A LOT OF CREATIVE DEEPENING. Doubling down on a heart centered way of doing business = more freedom + more REACH AND IMPACT—for everyone involved.

In this very special episode of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE, I am pulling back the curtain on:

  • How I took my business (and life) down to the studs
  • Why it’s one of the most heart centered moves I’ve ever made
  • How we turned alignment into action, organizational + business model changes, AND saved $30,000 (almost) overnight
  • All the details on our (long asked for!) HEART CENTERED MASTERMIND!

This is inner circle-level stuff. Everything is changing for the better.
So. Much. To. Tell. You. 

With Love,



Mentioned in this episode:

Business Unfurled Master Class, Thursday, November 9th, 2023 @ 3pm PT | 6 PM ET
If destruction is part of creation, what do you need to burn down? Discover the key shift that will move you from stuck + straining to joyfully thriving in your heart-led business.

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10x Is Easier Than 2x: How World-Class Entrepreneurs Achieve More by Doing Less, by Dan Sullivan + Dr. Benjamin Hardy– the first business book I’ve read in almost a decade.

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