Years of therapy bills, all the reasons you went for therapy… and forgiveness. Why is forgiveness so hard? One reason: we aren’t taught to be forgiving.

As children, we get deeply conditioned to feel that if someone has wronged us, then we have to punish them. And, effectively, we stop… loving.

We aren’t taught to be forgiving. This pattern of withholding love has been passed on for generations.

So sad, isn’t it?

We’re here to dissolve that cycle with our awakened hearts.

For giving. It’s where we’re heading this month in Heart Centered.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • My monthly Perspective gives an esoteric point of view on forgiveness as your most natural way of being. The way through… to Divine Order.

  • The meditation + mantra for this month are technologies to release, soothe, and heal wounds.

  • 2 Full and New Moon Write + Burn exercises for cleansing our energy bodies. Release emotional suffering, make room for clarity.

  • 2 Members-only, Live Heart to Heart Q+As every other week on Zoom. Pre-submit personal questions (relationships, esoterica, heart centered business… anything!) and I answer. This community is DEEP.

  • Relationship Releasing practice to bless and release.

  • A FOR GIVING playlist.

  • Desire Mapping prompts, and a bit more. Generosity is our favourite.

Financial accessibility…

Available at multiple pricing levels. My aim is that anyone who resonates gets access. We dive into a new focus every month, so there’s always fresh content. But if you decide the membership isn’t for you, it’s easy to cancel before your next renewal date.

Doors are open ‘til Saturday, October 31… 

If your heart could use some space to breathe… come on in.

Begin with willingness. When we start with that sincerity, supportive energies start to flow.

The Heart Centered door is right this way.

With Love,