Hello Loves

Why do we get sick? Like really?

My man and I decided to spend a month in Nicaragua to keep my lungs in prime conditions. Paradise on the cheap plus in-person time with my Team D wing woman Dana, who’s built a beautiful life there with her family. Perfection!

Within 48 hours of arriving… I got sicker than I’ve been in years. Have I not been meditating enough? Ingesting enough frankincense? Is this my way of burning karma? Am I a New Age loser? 

I could say it was the air freshener and bacteria and smoke and dust and burning rubber fumes and all the allergens that triggered my already sensitive respiratory system.

Or I could say:

It was my deep grief that I’ve been processing much of this lifetime, carried over from lifetimes, about the illusion we are separate, that I am alone in my sanity and longing for us all to get back to Love.

It’s not allergies baby,
It’s a cosmic home sickness

Eps 97 of WITH LOVE, DANIELLE, is personal and universal:

  • The “outer” reasons for sickness vs the innerward reason. Hint: the outer circumstance trigger the inner imbalance.
  • The healing pivot that makes all the difference—from berating ourselves to compassion.
  • The practice I use to saturate pain points with healing frequencies. 
  • How karma is the opportunity for us to realize our true capacities as healers.

The cure is in the sickness—which is always a call to Compassion. 

And hey… catharsis ain’t a bad way to start the new year. 

With Love,




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