As our American friends head to the polls today, I wanted to offer this to all of us: Look for Light with more intensity than ever… and vote for it.

And in the spirit of Active Hope, we’re sharing the buddhist Metta Bhavana Prayer (it’s also part of The Love + Radiance Meditation Kit.) Metta means loving-kindness. Bhavana is to cultivate or develop. Sweet Buddha-Jesus-Humanity… we need all that.

My boy and I say this in the kitchen most days, sometimes quickly in between avo on toast, and other times slow and calm. Sing it in the morning before you check the news. Print it and put it on your desk. Whatever happens on political fronts… may this prayer keep our hearts open, brave, and hopeful.

You can download it freely—no need to enter an email.

The Metta Bhavana Prayer-Danielle-Laporte-1


In all the density and confusion that’s swirling on the planet—keep the Faith. Don’t waver in your gratitude for what is good right now, and how many miracles happen everyday. Download your Prayer here.

“Praying is not begging or asking. Praying is stating what it is to be, and knowing that it will.”

— Guru Singh