These extraordinary times call for extra-ordinary awareness. We have to pay closer attention to our thoughts—and choose the most nourishing and truthful thinking. And as importantly, we have to choose our words with care—as if each phrase was a seed for a reality… because it is. Words incant, invoke, destroy, and create. When we speak with high intention, we live in Higher Love.

So… words are energy that materialize results. Let’s test the theory. With many of us in retreat mode, and all of us being called to mindfulness, it’s a good time for the Apple Experiment. You can do this solo. It’s especially great if you have kids. Even the cynics are invited.

I’m inviting all of us to post our apple projects on social media. A unified effort of resonance. Hashtags so we can find you: #appleexperiment #daniellelaporte #powerofwords


“I’ve got an idea,” I said to my kid. “Let’s talk to some apples and see what happens.” And thus began the Good Apple / Bad Apple Experiment in our kitchen. Inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research on water and resonance, we used apples to prove resonance theory.

We put each half of the same apple in its own sealed jar and left it on the windowsill for a few weeks. A few times a day, we’d walk by and say to “The Apple of Positivity,” You are so awesome! You’re a winner! You are perfect, gorgeous, useful. We love you, apple! Apple, you ROCK! We’d touch the jars, whisper, yell, laugh. Good apple!

Sometimes, we’d hold our hands over the sealed jars to direct our energy into them. Some days, we’d shout and point or whisper and sing. We totally got into it. Obviously.

As for “The Apple of Negativity…” I actually had a hard time being nasty to that poor apple. My son (truly, a kind-hearted nine-year-old at the time) played it UP. Apple! You super suck! You no good, ugly, stinking piece of useless fruit. I chose to use my words to program the apple to rot. You’re rotting. You’re going to rot. The rotting will happen quickly. You’re already rotten.

And! The Positive Apple that we loved up stayed well-preserved. The Apple of Negativity that we verbally abused took an immediate, downward spiral into rotsville. The difference in apples started showing within the first week. 

Words can make you sick. And heavy. And dark. Words can make you light. And radiant. And energized.

Words infuse. Words refuse. Words bless. Words protect. Words energize. Words heal. We live in a dynamic field of energy. Words create worlds because the universe is always listening… and so are your cells, your psyche, your children, your community, your future… and the apples.

Do your own apple experiment

  • Cut an apple in half. Seal each half in its own clean jar. Label each jar however you like: Good/Bad. Beautiful/Ugly. Positive/Negative. Glory/Doomed. You Rock/You Suck.

  • Keep them on the same shelf next to each other.

  • For 3 or 4 weeks, speak positively to one apple and negatively to the other apple. Get into it. Feel the energy of the words. Radiate it out to the apples. Focus.

Share your own apple experiment with the hashtags #appleexperiment #daniellelaporte #powerofwords on social media so we can find you!

With love,