Have the last 3 years been the longest decade of your life?

At the end of last year I was bone tired. And I felt radiant. Exhausted beyond. And grateful. There was extenuated global upheaval! I launched HOW TO BE LOVING! I met the Love of my life! Let go of two thirds of my material things, my house and my car! Moved my mother across the country! Restructured a whole lot of business! (That’s a lot of exclamation points. I usually use them sparingly.)

What helped me tap happiness even in the midst of body aches and mental fog?

I suspended judgment for my fatigue. I didn’t tell myself to push through. I didn’t critique the ways I got to an empty tank.

I looked at exhaustion after challenges and hard work as… natural. (Duh.)


Anyone else tuckered? I know, babes.

It’s a very natural part of the current experience and getting down on ourselves for it could only do damage. We are seasonal, sensing creatures. But in our productivity, ego-driven cultures, it may take you a minute to notice when you actually need rest––more than anything. Not more judgment, or another life hack. Just… slower pacing into resting.

So think of it this way: we are ALL being perfectly held in the natural cycle of a PLANET that is detoxifying and birthing more beautiful ways of being.

So be kind to your body and mind. Like so:

Hello fatigue, what do you need?

Rest in Love,