Manifesting is a skill that’s available to all of us—it’s about harnessing life energy. You’re doing it all the time, intentionally and unintentionally. For this conversation, I’m talking about the intentional type of manifesting, the want it, see it, believe it, get itkind of manifesting.

“I used to preach that you had to feel ‘worthy’ of receiving what you were asking for in order to receive it. I’ve changed my mind.”

Here’s a metaphor: A carpenter doesn’t need to be “confident” that he can build a house in order to complete it. He just needs to have a plan and keep swinging the hammer. It’s about relentless focus, not confidence.

Manifesting tools work the same way. The science backs up the how-to. Basically: see it. Believe it. Keep seeing it and keep believing it. “Self-worth” is helpful, but it’s not essential.

This is good news. Because we all have self-worth issues bumping up against our aspirations. Some of us feel barely “worthy” of a true friend. While others of us, with seeming wells of esteem, come to realize that we’re subtly negotiating with God to earn our keep. It doesn’t matter where you are on the spectrum of self-worth and self-loathing—the unintegrated ego perpetuates the “worthy/worthless” dance.

Outer world manifestation—from relationships to prosperity—is not an indication of true self-esteem. Being a productive baller and being aware of your true worth get conflated all the time. It’s the guy who nails his goals, but struggles with his lovability. We all know people who are power manifestors despite their deeper esteem issues.

You can get results with visualization techniques, and still not feel that you’re “worthy” of what you’ve created.

Back to why this is good news. Realizing our divine nature is the work of a lifetime. It requires excavation and devotion. You do not need to master self-compassion in order to create a life of greater ease. You can work alongside your manifestation focus to deepen your self love. That’s how it works for most of us.

Source doesn’t bring our worth into question. We are Beloved. Eternally. There’s no duality of worthy vs. unworthy. Just WORTH ITSELF. Full stop.

Freewill brings in the complexity. We all have self-agency in this dimension. In the greater scheme of life, I think our final destination is inevitable. We all get back to Source. There are lessons that are prerequisites to our Soul growth—these are not optional. However, how easily we learn those lessons, and how long it takes us to wake up… well, that’s our choice. That’s where our free will comes into play.

We deserve comfort and ease—without question. But let’s get on with manifesting fresh air, and clean water, and relationships that nourish and heal all of us. That’s manifesting love—using our worth to create Divine Value for all sentient beings.

All Love,