It’s fairly easy to conceive of a collective consciousness that is loving. Essentially, people who are compassionate, kind, uplifting to the world. They’re everywhere. When we think of this light, we tend to see it as a collective phenomenon.

Now let’s consider the “shadow” of humanity. When we as individuals are not feeling “uplifting” or particularly high vibration––when we’re in our own despair, we tend to see ourselves as burdensome or not very useful to the collective.

But this isn’t true.

There is a COLLECTIVE LIGHT and a COLLECTIVE SHADOW. And each of us is conducting both luminosity and density. And when each of us does the shadow work to heal our pain and fears and illusions, then we are very much uplifting the collective. Our shadow sides are ALSO here to be of service.

This podcast episode (#40) is a very hopeful take on the high form of service of dealing with your own darkness.

I hope this brings some light to our path.

WIth Love,