Our survival is directly related to the emergence of heart centered commerce. It’s the new imperative that business must play a healing role in society. It’s going to look like a miraculous shift in contrast to the destructive greed of capitalism.

Business needs to unite in a singular focus: to create access to nourishment for all beings.


  • Generosity in economics is an act of feminism.  [exploit. verb. to use someone or something, usually selfishly or for profit.] Toxic patriarchy mindset is always out to dominate and exploit, always looking to get a deal. (This isn’t gender-specific behaviour. There are plenty of female-identified people who operate from a patriarchal paradigm.)

    The opposite of exploitation is nourishment. The Divine Feminine flows nutrients into the system, instead of feeding off of it. Its function is to sustain the wellness of all its contributors: workers, customers, vendors, and the greatest resource provider of all: Mother Earth. Wellness flows through wages, healing work environments, and a culture that considers the life of each person.

    Heart centered leadership prioritizes thriving people over parasitic profits.

  • Scarcity marketing is a form of lying. And false urgency is just bad karma. Heart centered commerce magnetizes through authenticity and generosity.

  • Assume the intelligence and integrity of the people you serve. Most people aren’t stupid, but being overwhelmed and shouted out makes it easy to fall for patronizing shit—and we’re drowning in info and noise overwhelm.

    Golden rule: Do unto your customers as you’d have done unto you. Speak to your clients how you’d like to be spoken to. From the heart.

    Side note on pricing…
    I know that $49.99 is really $50 bucks, so spare me the insult. I also know the sales psychology data because I’ve had this argument with many publishers and producers—more people buy at the $49.99 price point. I don’t care. I want to live outside statistics and the status quo. I’d rather keep it classy with my own pricing. And I assume that my audience feels the same way.

  • We all prosper through giving. The Divine Feminine is generative, always creating. Her power is giving. Vivacity grows from generosity. Heart centered business gives with urgency—in sync with our global crisis. Don’t wait until you’ve had your first profitable quarter to make a donation or send your team out to volunteer in the community. Give from Day One in any amount that you can.

  • Financial growth for the sake of growth can be a gateway to greed. Having plenty is powerful. Hoarding more than you need is toxic. Heart centered business knows that its sole purpose for making money is to nourish the system that it operates in.

  • Know your higher purpose for doing business in the world. Greed does not have to drive wealth.

    When you’re clear why your business exists, you’ll choose to deliver good value to people without haste.

As an online entrepreneur, I’m aware of the stats on scarcity and velvet rope marketing, pricing and conversions. I don’t want any part of it anymore. And yes, I want to make heaps of profit to provide for many and plant acres of trees. I’m very clear on my purpose for money. And I’m at peace with my purpose for business:

To help as many people as possible to awaken to the power of their hearts.

So why would I want to create barriers to entry on what I offer?

You want to register for my thing? Great, the door’s open. You can’t do it this month? Okay. It’s really not-that-urgent. The door will be open next month, come when you’re ready. Can’t afford it? Ok, then here’s a free version. Want more, but can’t afford more? Okay, we’ll find a way.

It doesn’t matter if your higher purpose is to get broccoli to food deserts, or to help people repair their relationships, or sleep better, or exercise optimally… If your purpose is better widgets for more efficient gear, or learning retention, or fuelling the rise of functional medicine or functional clothing, or smarter games, or gender inclusiveness, or athletic excellence, or faster bicycles, or healthy pet food, or soul-stirring music and art…

Each of us can provide nourishment through our work. These times demand it. And when we go out of our way to make that nourishment accessible, everyone prospers in ways that truly matter.

With Love,