People think Inner Child is like walking down dark alleys, but it’s actually about opening your heart and getting really, really… free.

Your Inner Child is not a problem. Your fear and pain are not problems. They are energies that we use for becoming whole. And powerful.

Here’s a highlight from our BIG ENERGY WORKSHOP. We’re not just revisiting old wounds—we’re understanding them as sources of immense strength and energy. 

WITH LOVE, DANIELLE (Eps 112) is ready for you… to reconnect and transform.

With Love,




What people are saying about the BIG ENERGY Workshop:

  • “I feel lighter and relieved, thank you.” — Farah
  • “This was sooooo dense, deep, touching, eye-opening… It was a lot to feel into in a short time and the input was amazing. This month, I feel I will watch the replay again & again, taking notes, going deep. Wow, this was such a gift! I felt also so connected with the community by seeing them being touched and crying. Sending you a big heartfelt Thank you!” — Kirsi
  • “What a powerful session, thank you so much Danielle and team!.” — Norma