Dear God, help me out with the basics, would you?

Show me how to love the ones that are like, really hard to love. The misogynists and boundary bullies, the fake leaders and land-rapers. Actually, for the sake of efficiency, just show me how to love the most greedy. That should cover it. (But while we’re at it, help me out with the Mean Girls, ‘cause like, whoa.)

How to hone your truth detector.

There’s so much faking it to make it and deception happening in every sector of life — from politics to self-improvement. It’s nothing new, spin-doctoring is a historical human habit. It’s just that it’s coming at us from more directions, 24-7 input if we want it.

Accepting yourself. Like, now. Fully. Deeply.

I asked myself this, almost as a dare: What if I stopped trying to change? In this moment. What would happen if I just halted the “improvement”? And I found it confusing. I had to reframe it to just “accepting myself for an afternoon.” I knew the scripts of self-criticism would creep in.

Conscious career-generators! I’m starting something new. For you.

Creatives! Mindful humans doing business! Conscious career-generators!

Hey, Fire Starter People!…is inspiration + connections for your good work in the world. It’s two brief emails a month: One is philosophical perspective for getting clear and staying determined. And the other monthly missive features a product, service, or how-to (from the people we turn to).

$100,951.58. FINAL TOTAL IS IN!

Thanks to 161 women — over a 3-day period, this is the coin we helped raise for natural disaster relief — fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes. Our approach was simple: Donate to the organization you resonate with, send us proof of donation, and we’ll give you some of what we have to offer in terms of products + licensing.

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Planner Loving People! Here’s an early treat for you: Print out the Daily and Weekly pages from the Desire Map Planner Collection so you can:

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Your esteem and your money.

We live in a global economy of insecurity. Not because of vacillating markets, but unstable self worth. Our lack of esteem feeds the globalization machine.

If you/we loved ourselves more deeply, a lot of industries would go bankrupt. But…bankrupting the human spirit turns out to be great for the gross national product.

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My favourite yoga classes begin with a chant. Strong teams start with a huddle.

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