Light is the most efficient force in the universe. And it’s your very core. Your true nature is luminous. Through the chaos, through the darkness, the broken heartedness, we will always circle back to light.

Your true nature is luminous.

This week is the Week of Luminosity over here. I’m releasing a piece of art in a few days… all for light.

What does “Your True Nature Is Luminous” make you think of?”

“I asked, you answered.”

How brightly we shine when we’re in touch — acting with integrity and sharing ourselves authentically. A friend once introduced me by saying, “Mary’s a bright spot in the world.” It was one of the kindest compliments I’d ever received . . . it’s one of those beyond-words traits. –Mary Koppes

[Me] right after a facial . . . or sex
–Carrie Schulze

Dancing–dancing anywhere. Wearing vintage sequins.
–Jessica Ireland

The light that hits the world at the golden hour before sunset.
–Anastacia Gutierrez

Yesterday, walking home from dinner with my 15-year-old, we ran into a woman in our town–a very quiet, shy, awkward person who had set up a high-powered telescope out on the sidewalk. She had it trained on the moon, over half full, up in the deep blue sky of pre-twilight. As I lifted my eyes from peering into the scope through which I saw the lushly textured moon, I looked into the face of this young woman, so shy her eyes were averted from mine, but the light in her face reflected that of the moon. Pores exuding light, I was witnessing the magnificence of reflected light. Then I turned to my daughter, who I have always called ‘my moon faced girl.’ She too was beaming. This circuit of engagement illumined luminosity.
–Suzi Banks Baum

Transcending my physical boundaries. Sitting down to meditate, having a one-to-one ideation session, or having THAT kind of sex.
–Maria Gil Ulldemolins

Floating in the ocean at night amongst tiny bioluminescent creatures that lit up my hair and dripped from my fingertips until I, too, was bioluminous.
–Cathryn Castle

Sunlight, the song “You Are My Sunshine” sung by Johnny Cash, my dad coaching at track & field meets, the feeling as you come out of a headstand.
–Shanon Solava-Reid

That look on someone’s face when they are expressing the love they have for their child.
–Catherine Just

Choosing vulnerability and standing with it. Open and defenceless. Alive and aware. Loving.
–Megan Lawlor

The other day I was sitting outside early in the morning having my coffee. I was very down about some life “stuff” and was gnawing away at it in my head. In the next moment, I heard a bird call that was so enchanting, my head lifted and so did my spirit. In that once second, I became luminous. My spirit responded to the pull of the beauty that was that birdsong.
–Linda Kaban

Living honestly without regrets.
–Bryan Buttler

Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places.
–Dansk Dooley

A spark. A sustained spark! Making the bright brighter and the dull bearable.
–Mick Barrett

‘God-as me’ and ‘Me as God.’
–Sheri Kellogg

What does “Your True Nature Is Luminous” make you think of?

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This week… we’re going to light it up.