If what I say resonates with you,it is merely because we are both branches of the same tree. – WB Yeats

The motivational speaker gives you the a-ha you’ve been craving for years. Relief! The guru delivers the answer. Ommm Shanti! You read the answer you need in a book. It splits your mind open! Insight! Your shrink helps part the seas of your confusion. What would I do without you?!

They gave you the process that made all the difference. Sooo smart!


Your breakthroughs have more to do with your own power than that of the expert or guru.

Outside sources can be soul-resources — we’re all in this together. But it’s not that THEY know something that you don’t. They are merely showing you what you already know.

It’s all about resonance. Teachers (and they come in all forms) hold up a mirror for you in just the right light, at just the right moment, and you just happen to catch YOUR reflection in it.

Your truth collides with their truth and you have an a-ha moment.

So this means you get to re-frame your learning from:

“He gave me the answer.” To: “He said something that I knew was true.”
“She’s so wise.” To: “Her wisdom resonated with me.”
“They are the authorities.” To: “This really fits with my own strengths.”

This way, you fully respect your teachers. Deep bow.
And you respect your innate wisdom. Ever unfolding.

You had the ears to hear it.
You were there at the right time.
You were ready to resonate.